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improved support for assertions and logging in C/C++
GNU Nana is a library that provides improved support for assertion checking,
logging, and performance measurement in C/C++, when compared with the
standard assert.h mechanism. Avoid maintaining a source version without
assertions and logging for production use or using non-standard macros.
- Space/time efficient assertion checking.
- Space/time efficient program logging to file, console, process,
or circular buffer in memory.
- Selectively enable and disable assertion checking and logging both at
compile and run time. Configure action following assertion failure.
- Logging via inline C code (as in ) or by extraction of
commands for gdb which results in no performance cost unless
running in the debugger.
- Statement and function-level source tracing under GDB.
- Code-to-HTML converter giving only details of your interface and
pre/postconditions (similar to Eiffel short form).
- Official GNU package.
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